The Never Tales: Volume Two


Is Peter Pan a hero, a villain, or a shadow in between?

The pages have been peeled back to reveal the darkness of Neverland, but will Peter Pan be the savior or destroyer of childhood dreams?

Climb aboard the Jolly Roger and explore the classic tale of Peter Pan in a new, eerie light. What happens to Neverland when Peter Pan dies—or when he forces old couples to live in his paradise? Or when Tiger Lily races against time to save her home? Hook seeks revenge on a dear old friend, and murderous mermaids ensnare their prey. The streets of London crawl with gangs while Big Ben and Tick Tock keep time of impending doom.

Moving and dark, The Never Tales: Volume Two is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry that reimagines the Neverland stories with epic twists. So grab the helm, believe in fairies, and beware the shadows as you jump on the wind's back . . . then away you go!

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