"I don't think I can justify it any longer. I'm going to quit my job."
August has never been good with change and isn't sure who she is beyond her job of reading memories in the sand. When she comes to the conclusion that she has to quit her job, she's left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. What...

Rahnia was sent to a desert planet with a mission: hunt down the voice box and find a home for her people. It makes no difference that her people have no claim to the planet as they hunt for something that never belonged to them. They long to conquer, even as she longs to be free. When a tragic...

An unnamed merfolk swims up to the wetlands to watch the Night of Teeth. It's a human tradition, one that she can't get enough of. Her plan to stick to the sidelines goes awry when the night takes a turn for the worst.

Two girls. One fate.
Alejhar has spent her life by the sea. She knows its secrets, or so she thinks. When she gets caught in a storm, she finds herself face to face with the impossible. Now she has to figure out what her island has been hiding from her.
Jynn has spent her life catching jellyfish. She...

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