The Depths We'll Go To


A girl willing to do anything to reunite with her dead lover, mermaids that attack a town with waterspouts, a sailor who might miss his chance at love, a skeletal whale that hunts ships, and a mysterious captain who rules the dead at the bottom of the ocean. This oceanic collection spans genres, ranging from poems of love to stories that exhibit a visceral fear of what lurks in the depths.

Includes writing from: Anna Augustine - SJ Blasko - Hannah Carter - Ariel Choate - Stephanie Dunham - Erelah Emerson - Kaitlyn Emery - Abigail Falanga - Anna Ford - Makenzie Gray - Kayla E. Green - Beka Gremikova - Cassandra Hamm - Benjamin Hanna - Katie Hanna - Anne J. Hill - Savannah Jezowski - Emily Knowles - David Lasley - Raechel Lenore - Kaitlynn Luscombe - Nathaniel Luscombe - Cortney Manning - Natalie J. Nelson - Calliope Orpheus - Angela R. Watts - Alex Silvius - Kelly Skinner - Holly Simmons - Mariella Taylor - Alissa J. Zavalianos

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