Wilderness of Soul


The Beautiful Stuff Blog's second poetry anthology delves into the "Wilderness of Soul". Acclaimed poets, both domestic and international, have gathered to contribute their work in this stunning anthology. Poetry connects us to each other, to the world, to emotions too big for one heart to hold, and to the splendor and the terror all around us, every day. The global pandemic, social unrest, the accelerated crumbling of our world and habitat have sparked inspiration and killed hope simultaneously. At once, we are a resilient species that has survived ever-growing hardships, and also the masters of our own destruction. We are truly in a Wilderness of Soul. Spending months locked away from normality has given time for self-reflection and the opportunity to look into the frightening under layers of what's going on in the human mind and heart. Through art we can process the losses, the hiccups, and the storms of a world so often out of our own control.

Every poet in this anthology has contributed something beautiful (be it dark or sparkly) about the human condition and the wilderness of their own souls. I hope these poems can reach down into your darkness, sit beside you in the pain, remind you that yours is not the only soul battling to get back to the light, and help give you hope. I am honored to have so many talented, brave writers contributing to this anthology. We have labored in love to share the tender underbellies and we appreciate your willingness to explore. Happy Reading.

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