Man-eating monsters. Devils in the dark. Darkness lingering in the shadows.
Can light overcome it? Can the weak and fearful stand strong?

Humans are not meant to be alone, yet they often end up on their own in the most unexpected ways.
Sometimes, it's because they are rejected by their people. They end up on forgotten planets, hunting for ways to survive.

A girl willing to do anything to reunite with her dead lover, mermaids that attack a town with waterspouts, a sailor who might miss his chance at love, a skeletal whale that hunts ships, and a mysterious captain who rules the dead at the bottom of the ocean. This oceanic collection spans genres, ranging from poems of love to stories...

The Beautiful Stuff Blog's second poetry anthology delves into the "Wilderness of Soul". Acclaimed poets, both domestic and international, have gathered to contribute their work in this stunning anthology. Poetry connects us to each other, to the world, to emotions too big for one heart to hold, and to the splendor and the terror all around us,...

Even in the darkest night, there is hope. This collection of stories and poems portrays light in the darkness. Multiple authors in various genres take you on a journey from shadow to sunrise, from despair to hope.

Subtly unsettling.
The Animals of Pink and Yellow is a poetry collection that spans a plethora of worlds to bring out the unsettling things in life. From worlds set in reality, to imaginary realms and beasts that don't exist, this collection makes it a goal to be creepy and raw, while also bringing out the fundamental truths and secrets...

A cutthroat paradise, a library that holds too many secrets, a girl willing to risk her life to hunt down her sister, a world where you can jump from one side to the other. Among Other Worlds pulls together authors from the science fiction and fantasy genres and dares them to explore their limits.

Faces to the Sun is an anthology project devised and spearheaded by SJ Blasko. It aims to chip away at the stigma surrounding the subjects of mental health and mental illness by bringing together 45 independent creators from around the world to share their experiences through writing and art. The book itself is 240 gorgeous, full-color pages filled...

The There is Us anthology was born from a desire to find a tangible way for small creators to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. It operates using the stone soup principle- many hands make light work, and a little bit from everyone makes a beautiful thing. One creator might not have the time, tools, or enough material to put together...

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